Library School

I finally started library school, and I have officially survived the first month! Yay!

In surviving the first month, I’ve started reflecting on the experience so far (I think librarians do that a lot, you know, reflect). My journal entry from day one is that of a very overwhelmed girl. Congrats to UBC for scaring the pants off of us on the first day. That was great. The second day however was much better: met some people, learned some names, less palm-sweating and more fun overall. Week 2 & 3 saw us diving into the actual school work. Hurrah for MARC records and practice reference interviews! I’m proud to say that I survived Week 4 where I handed in my first two assignments, and finished a third all while still maintaining my recommended 8 hours of sleep AND working, joining a storytelling class, playing soccer and doing yoga: multi-tasking maniac. YES. Which brings us to Week 5…which has yet to really start, but is predictably (based upon today’s activities) the week of distractions. Better sort that out quick.

Overall, most of the predictions given to me by various library associated-peeps were accurate. It’s a lot of work, yes, but also kind of boring at times. Luckily, I’m still pretty pumped about just being there, so I’m clinging on to that enthusiasm and letting it pull me through the less than exhilarating moments.

Library school is probably one of the most interesting places ever. No joke, this is prime people watching territory. This is the most diverse group of people I have ever been a part of! It is both interesting and mystifying. A typical day at school is jam packed with: much imaginary face palming, getting ridiculously excited when no one else does, sudden moments of panic over the length of the reading list, woozy sleepy moments, and long-winded distractedness from the aforementioned moments of excitement.

A typical homework day is more like this:

Here’s what happens in my mind when you ask me to read a textbook chapter about dictionaries:

1. Oooh dictionaries! I love words! This should be good!

2. A little ways in: oh, this is less good, and more boring.

3. Wait a second, this is not talking about Canada at all….wait! It is. Apparently they had to make Canadian Dictionaries for words like “jam buster.”

4. Hold up. I am Canadian, and I have no idea what “jam buster” means. Halt reading, look up jam buster.

5. Interesting…I was thinking Space Jam, not a jelly filled doughnut.

6. I love Space Jam! Now I need to listen to Busta Rhyme from Space Jam.

7. And…I still need to read this chapter. But, way more enjoyable with Space Jam.

And that my friends, is why being a student in library school is exhausting. Or maybe it’s just me. Pretty sure my classmates think I’m the crazy one, and they might not be wrong.

All crazy distracted-ness aside, I’m pretty happy with where I am. And when I’m not, I just hear my favourite librarian (my best friend’s mom)’s voice telling me “it’s a means to an end Danielle, a means to an end.” Solid advice, but I hope to enjoy it while I’m here!


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