Well, “Week 5” has come to an end. It seems funny to end a week on a Wednesday, but I’ve begun to centre my weeks around my classes. Thursday is the day that I start working on the readings and assignments for next week, so I treat it kind of like a Monday, a fresh start with new materials and topics to explore.

This week seemed to focus on defining things. In cataloguing, we reached into the philosophical realm. I thought I was done with that when I swore NEVER to take another philosophy class after taking Phil 100 the first year of my undergrad, but I guess not! We spent a good chunk of our class time discussing the definition of “furniture” and the class got pretty into it. I, and those around me however, were still recovering from having gotten up at 6am and had a little less patience for the exercise. My group provided a simpler definition of furniture than some others, but to our credit, we did take it upon ourselves to learn all the different words for “couch”*. The whole class discussion got rather serious, and went as far as, “if someone sits on a rock outside, is it furniture?” At which point, my under-my-breath-mutter was a little louder than expected when I responded with, “No. It’s just a rock.” Oops. At least it got a laugh out of those around me, and thankfully the others in the class didn’t hear it. I have to appreciate my classmates’ enthusiasm for these kinds of activities though, and maybe apologize for my momentary surliness…

Moving on to less embarrassing class moments, we talked about dictionaries and encyclopedias in my reference class. The most interesting (and distracting) thing presented: Netlingo! Now I will be the MASTER of text acronyms and emoticons. Better watch out friends!

Despite some of my class being exasperated by having to talk about dictionaries for so long, I was pretty excited. I do really like dictionaries. Any of my friends can attest to my love of the big Canadian Oxford English Dictionary I got for Christmas several years ago. It includes the word Cadborosaurus. Enough said. Thanks to that dictionary, while the rest of my 400 level Research for Professional Writers class was researching serious political and cultural topics, I researched the Cadborosaurus and wrote an entire in-depth non-fiction children’s book proposal about him (yes, him). Maybe one day I’ll send it to a publisher. Or maybe one day I’ll become a cryptozoologist. We’ll see.

Overall, it was a good, but exhausting few days of classes, and this is just a very small sampling of the things we covered. Now, onto other things!

* chesterfield, ottoman, davenport, sofa, chaise longue, love seat, divan, etc.


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