Oliver Jeffers! Oliver Jeffers!

Yesterday was a very exciting day. I rolled out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, grabbed my copy of “This Moose Belongs to Me,” and headed to the VCLR’s Illustrator’s Breakfast where I learned about loons and met THE Oliver Jeffers.


Look! It’s Oliver Jeffers!

I have to say that being a student really paid off in this situation. For a mere $30 I got: a delicious breakfast, an Oliver Jeffers tattoo, an Oliver Jeffers postcard, an Oliver Jeffers autograph (personalized at that!), and I also got to be surrounded by a bazillion (okay, so not really a bazillion, but lots of) really cool librarians and teachers for a couple of hours.

I’ve been a little obsessed with Oliver Jeffers for a while now. I had read some of his books in the past, but never paid much attention to them. Then, my little brother didn’t get me a Christmas present. He’s a good kid, but he was a little broke and a little busy, so I forgave him.

The end.

Just kidding…

I went Christmas present-less for a few weeks, until I went up to Whistler and saw him. He sheepishly presented me with a book-shaped item interestingly wrapped in newspaper comics. I opened it to find: This Moose Belongs to Me! Well done little bro, well done. I loved it, and was super excited about it for a good few weeks. THEN, I found out that my little bro had actually turned down the book that the salesperson at the bookstore had recommended and chosen this one on his own. My heart warmed and grew a few sizes (grinch-style) and that made the book even more exciting and special to me. THEN, I saw that Oliver Jeffers was coming to UBC. I nearly died. THEN, I discovered his newly released author video, and I died a little more when he shot his sandwich with a bow and arrow and professed his love of labelling things. THEN I met him and stood awkwardly in silence while he signed my book. I swear, I have the worst case of author-idolism ever- I get tongue-tied every. single. time. Inside, I have a million things to say and my brain is spinning like a tea-cup at Disneyland, but none of it comes out. Luckily, Emily was there to ask him to take a picture with us. Thank goodness!


My autographed book

Here’s a summary of what I learned about Oliver Jeffers:

  • Oliver Jeffers has really nice hair.
  • Oliver Jeffers can draw feet.
  • Oliver Jeffers does not want to be like Mariah Carey*.
  • Oliver Jeffers is pretty funny.
  • Oliver Jeffers does some crazy art that includes complex math equations.
  • Oliver Jeffers is the best. Sigh.

*Mariah Carey Syndrome: just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. [This is how Oliver Jeffers feels about interactive book apps.]

Oh, and here’s the picture of us with Oliver Jeffers.



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