Cough Syrup, Social Media & Danish Artists

Today is March 7th. The semester ends on April 9th, and more than 50% of our marks for each class will come from assignments that will be completed in the next five weeks. The defining moment of the week came at the early hour of 8am on Tuesday, when my cataloguing professor casually posed this question to the class: “I don’t know, are you guys, like, really busy right now?” Roused out of our sleepy-eyed note taking by the absurd normalcy of the question, the class roared with laughter. On a scale of one to busy, I’d pick busy. Not only are we busy, we’re sleepy, and many of us are rather preoccupied with trying to convince our bodies that now is not the time to get sick.

Despite the cloud of congestion that has settled around my head and the cough syrup swirling through my system, many great things came out of this week. In our BCLA/CLA meeting this week we had elections. I am going to be the incoming BCLA student representative and one of two incoming YAACs student representatives- yay! It wasn’t much of an election since most positions didn’t have enough people interested for an actual vote, but I’m still very excited about it. I’ll learn more about the positions in the next few months, and then begin with them in September.

One of the highlights of this week was a guest lecture on Social Media by Dean Giustini in LIBR 500. He is an excellent speaker, and I really enjoyed his talk. We talked a lot about the changes in the web throughout history, and I was excited when he took a little time to talk about Danah Boyd, who among other things, studies youth and social media. Her blog, Apophenia, is the newest addition to my RSS feed, and is my current obsession of the week. I wish I had learned about her sooner, because her work is so fascinating to me! I’m resisting the urge to waste away the evening by reading her entire blog from start to finish, but hopefully I can get to that after the semester has finished.

Finally, Dr. Helene Hoyrup spoke about Danish children’s literature on Wednesday evening. I’ll be honest, I know absolutely nothing about Danish children’s literature except for the little I know about Hans Christian Andersen, and that was why I went. I was surprised to find that I was most interested in the art in the picture books. We only got to see a few cover images, but they were just so quirky and appealing!

So, as I am cold-ridden and sleepy, I will leave you with this wonderful blue-eyed danish kitty…



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