Is that your Grandma’s coat?

Before I comment on my week at school, I’m going to need to jump on the whiney bandwagon and take a moment to mark the demise of my very favourite RSS reader.


Today, Google announced Google Reader’s impending retirement. This is the worst.

The earth-shattering tweet from Google Reader: “We’re retiring Reader on July 1. We know many of you will be sad to see it go.”

Sad?! I’d say so. The Vancouver skies are crying for the loss of this lovely tool. I am already terrified thinking about having to export all of my data from Google Reader and then import it into another reader. And learn how to use another reader. Call me human, but this “change” thing just isn’t working for me.

Okay, okay, I’ll probably get over it. It’s not like I’m tweeting the President of the United States or anything. There’s a good chance I’ll find another reader that I like, and I probably have just stayed with Google for so long out of sheer laziness and comfort. Guess I’ll say good-bye to Google Reader in the next few months, grab my data, and hope for the best!

Well. Now that is out of the way, I can comment on this week of library school. We’re nearing the end of the semester. Funny, it’s hard to tell if the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter or dimmer as we get closer to the end of the semester. We can no longer be disillusioned by the fleeting joy afforded to us by handing in our smaller assignments. The big ones lurk ahead, and they’re getting closer every day. Even so, I made lots of progress this week. I handed in my website project (yahoooo!), handed in my faceted classification assignment (double yahooooo!), and submitted my applications for UBC student librarian positions for next September (okay…yahoooo too!). Check, check and check! Unfortunately, there are at least 6 more assignments to polish off in the next few weeks, most of which are rather…large. And potentially time consuming. Agh. Can’t slack off now, I guess.

On a brighter note, I’d have to pin-point the highlight of the week as receiving this YouTube video in an email from a professor. She sent an email to warn us that our class was going to be filmed today, and this video was meant to be inspiration in case we couldn’t settle on what to wear for our big on camera moment. Too bad no one actually dressed up. If I could’ve gotten my hands on a Batman onesie I would’ve considered it…

Speaking of Grandma’s coat (watch to the END of the video if you’re confused), I can’t neglect this other “highlight of the week.” For my 502 class we had to read an article that was published in 1988. It had a large image of the big bad wolf, dressed as Grandma, dressed as a sheep. I quote my professor: “Grandma, why are you dressed as a sheep?”  How exactly does this fit in with cataloguing and classifying, you ask?! Honestly, I’m not sure. So, I leave this as a bizarre anecdote for you to think about. Happy pondering!

And, on a final, un-school related note. While typing this out in Word I came to this realization: Microsoft needs to get on board with the interrobang. It’s a real thing, okay?!


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