Academic March Madness

Another week has passed, so another blog post must be written! We are into the last three weeks of the semester, and I’ve heard the phrase “academic march madness” being used to describe the state of life at SLAIS right now. I think it’s a pretty good description! People are exhibiting a wide range of emotions: you see everything from bleary-eyed sleepwalking to over-caffeinated exuberance (and/or hysterics).

With it being the end of the semester, job postings for student librarian positions have also come out. I had my very first “student-librarian” interview this week, and I’ve got another one next week. Interviews are not my favourite thing (understatement?). I was very fortunate that most of the questions they asked in my first interview this week were fairly easy to answer based on the library experience that I already have–what a relief! It seems that there is always a written or practical component to library interviews too, but luckily I’ve come to expect that added little bit of fun! I’m not sure if anyone else feels like this, but I really do think that clothes are the hardest part of an interviews. First you have to choose an outfit that’s appropriate for the job that you’re applying for, then you have to IRON IT (hands-down, the HARDEST part), and then, you have to successfully navigate your way to the interview without spilling anything, or getting spilled on by others, or wrinkling anything by sitting awkwardly or whatever. Also, sometimes heels are involved. How exhausting!

Back to my classes. We covered a wide variety of things this week. To name a few, we covered subject headings, digital repositories, and, most interestingly, we learned about roving reference. I would say more about roving reference, but the video that my professor showed us in class says it far better than I ever could. I’m slightly terrified and mildly amused by the prospect of joining a profession that creates videos like this one:

Finally, I think this other video best exemplifies my mental state right now. My brain is so full of school things that I neglect to remember other things. Like, where did I put my keys?! Why did I write that on the wrong date in my agenda?! Where did I leave my coat?! And…there was definitely a very long and exhausting day this week where I left the library and then thought…*expletive* WHERE did I park my car this morning?! Luckily, it only took a minute for me to think back and remember which level I had parked on in the parkade. It’s lucky that I only have access to one parkade, so I could never really lose my car, I just might walk an extra couple of flights of stairs uselessly… Oh library school,  you’re supposed to be making me smarter!


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