It Isn’t Easter Until A Bunny Clucks!

Holy crackers, it is already Sunday! If I don’t post something tonight, I will be breaking my promise to post every week. On that note, I make no promises for a good post now, but I do promise a much better one soon!

This was a busy week. We are into the last two weeks of the semester (insert happy dance here), so we’ve got final assignments and projects to polish off. This coming week will be the last week of classes, and most of our class time will be spent on presentations. Once everything has been handed in on April 8th, I’ll have a chance to look back at the semester and think about everything we’ve done. Until then, I’ll continue multi-tasking like crazy to get everything done while still having some fun.

I am spending Easter weekend with the family at our cabin, and today was a busy day. I hid eggs, hunted for eggs, ate a lot of eggs (some regular, but mostly chocolate), went on a big hike, drank coffee in the sunshine, and then had a big Easter dinner with everyone. Lots of fun, sugar, sunshine, and exercise– I can’t complain! Since it’s late, and I am crashing after all this sugar, I leave you with a selection of Cadbury commercials (through the ages). It isn’t Easter until a bunny clucks!


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