Forwards, backwards, hop, hop, hop!

Now that I’ve finished panicking about having to choose 2-3 favourite children’s books for class, I’m going to take a quick little step back to cover a few things I’ve missed before getting to new and exciting things. I’ve had a month long hiatus from this blog, and while I did spend a good portion of it sleeping and relaxing, I also spent a good chunk of it doing exciting things.

Soon after the semester ended, I volunteered at the North Shore Writers Festival. I got slotted into the role of live-blogging the event, and I ended up having a lot of fun with it. I sat in on all of the Saturday sessions, and wrote a blog post for each one. There were a few other fellow SLAIS students that blogged and posted to facebook and Twitter as well. Having only blogged here with a rather minimalist audience (shout-out to my family members!) and some very relaxed self-imposed deadlines, this was a big change for me. I felt like a journalist, throwing my copy out to the world with fingers crossed that I hadn’t made any embarrassing errors. If you want to check out my blog posts and learn more about the annual event, please do!

I also went to Hawaii (!), played lots of softball, and worked at the library.


Now, it’s back to school! I mentioned in my previous post that I am taking two courses this term. The first is a children’s lit course (LLED 441), and the other is an online digital storytelling course through Syracuse University (IST 646). Both classes are underway now, and I’m most excited about IST 646 because it officially started today. Here’s your warning: you’re coming with me on this storytelling adventure! I’ll be posting to this blog as part of the class, so I sure hope you’re ready to start stumbling through the world of digital storytelling with me.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come: below, you will find the link to the animoto video that I made to introduce myself to my new storytelling classmates.


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