The Talkative Turtle

This week for IST 646 we were asked to use Audacity (a free sound editing tool) to create a digital audio story. While new software is always a little intimidating, I found Audacity to be fairly simple and easy to use. I’d recommend trying it out if you need to do any sound editing in the future!

So, without further ado, here is the tale of the Talkative Turtle:

*featured image is “Turtle Canyon!” by David W. Siu, Creative Commons License, and can be found at:


3 responses to “The Talkative Turtle

  1. Danielle,

    Your narration was spot on! You did slow down the pace from the previous exercise and it makes all the difference. I loved the abrupt ending and sound effect. Made me laugh out loud. The music was a good selection but could have been a little more in the background. The bird sounds were a very nice touch but a tad lower for them as well. I’m so happy you were able to conquer Audacity and do such a terrific job with it.

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