Don’t Touch the Cactus- Round 2

This week was a…test-y one. Mostly a test of a) my patience with new software, and b) my organizational skills. A while ago, I committed myself to going to Kelowna to play in a softball tournament this weekend. No big deal, I just needed to get everything done before I left on Friday. Well, I’ll admit it. Things were looking a little hairy mid-week, but I’ve pulled through!

I used Adobe Premiere Elements just a few weeks ago for the first time. I created a book trailer for another class, and had quite a bit of fun with it. This project for IST 646 had more elements involved though, and I was a little nervous when I first started. I did my sound mixing in Audacity, and then moved it into Adobe Premiere Elements where I added in photos, a little bit of animation, transitions, and text. In the end, I’m happy with the results. I had a lot of fun digging through old family photos and re-vamping the story that I used for my very first podcast “Don’t Touch the Cactus!” My only concern was with the fact that I lost a bit of the image quality when I uploaded the video to YouTube. I will have to look into this eventually but for now I will have to leave it as it is.

Particularly of note is the image at the very end of my video. I just can’t resist explaining it! The picture was taken on one of our more ridiculous family trips. We went to Arizona around Christmas. It was kind of cold and it even rained while we were there. We were not prepared for this weather and on one particularly cold outing, we even wore socks as gloves! Anyways, my mother wanted to take a picture of everyone in front of this huge cactus plant. She had us all set up and coordinated when my Dad accidentally backed up and got pricked on the arm by the cactus. Just as my mom took the photo, my brother, Craig, inadvertently backed up into the cactus and got pricked on his rear end–hence the facial expression!

So, here is my first digital story with video/images: Don’t Touch the Cactus!


3 responses to “Don’t Touch the Cactus- Round 2

  1. Danielle,
    Love the description of your grandparents’ home, of the gardens, and the experience of walking up the path. I used to have herb beds myself, and loved rubbing the mint, rosemary, and lavender between my fingers. I even used it as perfume sometimes. 🙂 Lovely video. Also, nice work on pans/zooms. I have figured those out yet.

  2. The story about the cactus photo at the end makes it all the more enjoyable! Very nice flow–I enjoyed strolling down memory lane and through the garden with you.

  3. Lovely childhood memories of your grandparents told with rich details that invite the viewer/listener to join you walking up the garden paths and taking in the scents of the garden. Your voice, the mix, and the execution came together so well for this personal tale.

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