Another blog?

Just in time to save you from drowning in the depths of my storytelling madness, I present to you….another thing I did for school!

Sorry lone blog reader, between school, work, softball, soccer, and summery weather, my motivation to sit and come up with something interesting and non-school assignment-ish for you to read is zippo. zappo. GONE.

But, here’s something that I did for a class other than IST 646. It’s an annotated bibliography in the form of a blog. I chose to focus on books that feature urban landscapes, because, well, there were some books that I wanted to use and that was the closest I could get to a common theme. I tried to incorporate lots of extras like book trailers and interviews, because really, how interesting is it to read an annotated bibliography?

Enjoy, and hopefully it is interesting and/or of use to you!


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