Three Weeks! Three Weeks!

Here’s a post for whoever it is that has been regularly checking my blog for posts. Such dedication!

This was the first year EVER that I went to school in the summer. Also for the last three weeks, I’ve been working full time on top of my courses. That means that my schedule is, well, a little crazy.

There are noticeable advantages and disadvantages to toiling away at school and work while the sun is shining and 98.9% of the Vancouver population is participating in some form of summer merriment.


  • Two short terms instead of one long one: I like this format. Somehow, only having to manage two courses at once makes the whole summer school thing a bit more bearable.
  • Small class sizes. Surprise: many people choose not to go to school in the summer! One of my classes has 11 people in it. 11!
  • Empty-ish campus. No jittery, anxious, might die if I don’t get an A + types running around stressing you out.
  • You can do your homework outside, which is pretty great.
  • There are lots of interesting and fun classes offered in the summer, and most of them are taught by professionals who have worked in the field.


  • Summer merriment is everywhere. And you can’t join in whenever you want to. Boo.
  • 14 hour days. Enough said.
  • Missing out on sports. I missed a day of softball this weekend because of homework and I spent the entire day being especially aggressive with my keyboard while typing out my papers as a result. I also missed a soccer game this week because of my crazy schedule. LAME.
  • Friends. Hello, friends? I guess I’ll see you after August 8th when this summer school business is over.

Luckily, I have a fun job, and my classes are pretty enjoyable too. Plus, the weather’s nice, and I can still find time to run and play sports for the most part. Also, I was so worried about getting things done for school that I worked ahead in the first few weeks, and now I’m not nearly as busy as I had anticipated being at this point.

Three weeks left! Hurrah! Then, I will be halfway done my degree. I’m pretty positive that when I graduate in April, I’ll be happy that I went to school this summer. In the meantime, sorry if I happen to groan every now and then when I hear people being all jovial and summer-y.


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