Well, it’s official. I survived summer school. Phew!

I’m in full recovery mode over here. I’ve been busy reacquainting myself with the finer things in life. You know, like eating proper meals, going to bed early, reading books of my own choosing, seeing my friends.

It’s taken me nearly a week to get to writing this post. Sorry! You can attribute its lack of stimulating content to my slightly over-roasted brain if you’d like because I’m not too sure where I’m going with this one…

Since the point of this blog is to track my experience through library school, I thought I’d take this chance to give any current/prospective MLIS students some advice re: summer school. So, here goes.

1. Do it. Suck it up, and take summer classes!

2. Choose classes that you might actually enjoy. That way, it will be less painful.

3. It’s nice to have friends in your classes, because then you don’t have to feel totally anti-social all summer. Plus, you can cling together and bond over your pain and suffering!

4.  If you’re going to work full time and take classes full time:

  • Tea = your bestest friend of all time. Drink it up ’cause it will make you happy and more awake. (If you’re less lame than me and can handle real coffee, well then, you lucky duck, go right ahead and have some of that).
  • Invest in a good pair of earplugs. Why? To block out the sounds of summer merriment that will be EVERYWHERE.
  • FYI – Most of your meals will be sandwich-like and will be consumed while seated in a moving vehicle of some sort. Deal.
  • Sorry, but you’re gonna have to wave a temporary good-bye to most of your social life during the week.
  • Wine? Ice cream? Chocolate? All of the above? Maybe stock up ahead of time.
  • Find an outlet for stress. Ideally one that isn’t time consuming. Running fast 5-7Ks worked for me!

So, yeah. In all honesty, it wasn’t actually that bad! I really enjoyed my classes, I had an awesome job, and there’s still a few weeks of summer leftover for me to enjoy.

And, for my superfans (ahem, Tyler) — I’ll try and get back to posting regularly now that I have a little more free time.


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