Back to School

Back to school, back to school, to prove that I am not a fool.

Okay, so I didn’t really ever leave school. It’s just that you simply cannot be at UBC in September without feeling like you’re going “back to school.” Back to school at UVic was pretty tame. Sure, there was a clubs fair and a welcome back barbecue, but it was nothing in comparison to what’s happening at UBC. There’s a clubs fair that is five times as big, and companies from outside of UBC have booths set up. There’s music blaring and first years are frantically scurrying about with no regard for stray toes that might get in their way. Steel-toed flats might have been useful.

Back to school this year means lots of exciting things for me. I have four new classes, two new jobs, and I’m also a student representative for a couple of different groups. Most importantly, I’m now a student librarian!

I’m not sure what I am most excited for. Classes? Jobs? Other things?  Who knows! It’s almost too much busy-ness and excitement to handle. I was so excited about the reading list for my Children’s Lit class that my eyes tried to produce little drops of joy. Most emotions make me tear up, so that’s not surprising, but still, it’s a testament to my excitement nonetheless! My first few shifts as a student librarian at UBC were a little nervous-making, but also very exciting. I managed to survive without any major disasters, though I have to say that this job is definitely pulling me a little bit outside of my comfort zone– next week I have to teach library orientation classes. Both exciting and a little scary!

In other, unrelated news, The Book Thief has been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read it for months, and this trailer has definitely made it move up on my priority list:

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