It’s that time of the year when those of us up here in good ol’ Canada give thanks and eat turkey and pumpkin pie. The question asked on this fine weekend is, “what are you thankful for?”

My response: what am I NOT thankful for? Cuz seriously, there’s not too much I can truly complain about. Sure, I whine about my crazy (self-inflicted) schedule, my homework, and the fact that my tights don’t fit quite right and sag at the knees and ankles because the tight-makers size chart doesn’t include my actual size, but really. My life’s pretty great.

I can’t help but think back to my first year of university when I stood in my parents house on this very night and SOBBED. Because I loved and missed my family so much that I didn’t want to leave and go back to school in Victoria. Like any good mother, my mom hugged me, handed me my turkey leftovers and sent me packing. And thank-goodness she did! It was all a part of my journey to today where things are, as I mentioned, pretty great.

I’ve got an awesome big sister who doesn’t need any prompts to jump in with a “what a bitch!” when I’m upset or an excited “OMG!” when I’m pumped about something. I’ve got two pretty stellar parents who are crazy supportive and have been keeping me afloat through grad school with their awesome food provisions and general level-headedness. I’ve got a little brother who is, well, gosh darn cute and way more intelligent than he thinks he is. Go ahead, take a quick breath, because there’s more: I’ve got an amazing, eclectic, and widespread group of friends, including ones that have stuck with me for 20+ years (crazy, right?). I have amazing jobs with some pretty cool co-workers and all kinds of wicked awesome library mentor-people. Oh, and library school is pretty awesome too, despite all of my aforementioned whining and complaining. I’m doing exactly what I wanted to do, and I’m doing it exactly where I wanted to. I get to read kid’s books, talk about kid’s books, play with puppets, play with all sorts of exciting techie things, and my professors are incredible. Woot!

I’ll stop here, because I think you get the idea. I’m thankful. For many, many things. And maybe I’ll try to ease up on the complaining a bit. It’s easy to forget how good things are when there’s a homework cloud looming above your head 24/7. Reality checks/ Thanksgiving reflections are good for all of us every now and then 🙂

Now, I’ll happily (see, proof of non-complaining) trot off to prepare to give two presentations tomorrow and maybe I’ll eat another turkey cupcake while I’m at it.

Happy Thanksgiving blog reader! PS- I’m thankful for you too.


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