7 things I love about library school

Sometimes, grad school makes me grumpy. I think it makes a lot of people grumpy. Especially around now, when you’ve made it through all your midterm assignments and all that’s ahead of you is an insurmountable mountain of final papers and assignments. There are topics to choose, groups to coordinate with, and you’ve still got all of your regular readings and commitments to keep up with.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and really, things aren’t all that bad. So, I present to you (in an attempt to cheer myself up on this chilly November night) seven things I love about library school. Don’t read into the number seven, it’s just a number that falls between five, which seemed like too few, and 10 which seemed like too many.

  1. At least 70% of my readings are children’s books, YA novels, or books about children’s books and YA novels.
  2. I get to see/meet cool authors and illustrators. This semester I’ve seen/met: Jon Arno Lawson, Julie Flett, Julie Morstad, Richard Van Camp, and Charles Van Sandwyck. Also, RAFFI.
  3. Sometimes, my professors are awesome and let me do cool projects like the one I’m currently working on with Raspberry Pis (the computer kind, not the edible kind). Maybe I’ll post about that next 🙂
  4. I get to work in libraries. Okay, so I did this before library school too, but not in the same way– now I’m an almost librarian (officially know as a student librarian). To be completely honest, the highlight of my week is usually my four hour public library shift.
  5. On that note, it’s pretty great that I get to help people at work all the time. Sure, it doesn’t always work out perfectly. Sometimes I can’t quite find what they need or want, but there have been some wicked moments — notably, one UBC student who had been looking for a specific wordless picturebook but didn’t know the title or author, and only sort of knew the storyline. The reaction after I found it a few minutes later: “How the hell did you figure that out so quickly!? I’ve been searching online for hours!” Mwahaha. Mad sleuthing skills.
  6. In the last two weeks, I’ve spent approximately 5 hours acting like a kid while my classmates led library programs. I got to lead one too, and my cool storytime partner taught me some mandarin in the process!
  7. Okay, last one. Better make it good.  Well, it’s library school. As in, I’m going to be a librarian, which is, of course, THE DREAM.

There you go. Seven things I love about library school. I feel better already. I’m rockin’ in my school shoes, just like Pete the Cat.


Featured image: Uploaded from http://flickr.com/photo/19614198@N00/3159378171 using Flickr upload bot Hearts on a Window by Thomas Guignard




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