Excitement, terror & sloths

It’s been a little while since I posted…I’m definitely not sticking to my original plan of posting once a week. Oops. Sorry. Let’s face it though, that was probably an unrealistic goal.

I figure it’s time to address the fact that I’m getting rather close to being finished school. Yikes! I’ll break down how I’m feeling about it for you.

 Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 3.47.00 PM

Excited – Well, of course it’s exciting. I’ve got less than 3 months of classes until I’m done. DONE.

Terrified – Remember when you were in grade 12 and everyone was all, “what are you doing next year?” and then, when you were in the last year of your undergrad and everyone was all, “what are you going to do now?” Well, it’s happening again. Except this time, it’s way more real world. As in, “have you started applying for jobs yet?” Like, career type, grown-up person jobs. You know, the ones that never seem to come up on the job boards, since no one wants to retire EVER. Okay, that’s enough. It’s not that dire. Yet.

Sloth-like – Here’s the thing. I had a very sloooow start to the semester. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that it wasn’t busy, in fact, it was way crazier than I expected. Instead of being super motivated by the excess craziness, I was very slow to get moving on certain things. Luckily, slow for me means getting things done on time instead of early, so I think I’ll survive. My sister wisely advised me that I’d better just suck it up, stop being lazy, and finish strong because it’s only three more months of my life. Okay, okay. Good motivational speech. As awesome as sloths are, it might be good to shed the sloth fur and find an animal that’s a little more upbeat. Meerkat, maybe?

Meerkat  / At the zoo / Novosibirsk / Siberia / 24.07.2012


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