Navigating the World of Technology

The world of technology can be a tricky place to navigate. It’s dense with complicated terminology, intimidating looking stores, and there are just so, so many bits and pieces to sort out and understand. Since September, I’ve found myself wading far deeper into this world than I ever anticipated. Sure, I was interested in technology as a kid—I remember watching my dad taking apart a computer and thinking, hey, that’s pretty cool. But mostly it was cool because it looked just like that scene from “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves” when the dad gets stuck in the stereo:


Since September, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the Raspberry Pi and its accompanying accessories and software. There have been lots of eureka! moments, but there have also been moments where I’ve felt totally frustrated and outside of my comfort zone. I’ve visited this scary looking store twice now:

photo 1

It’s CRAZY. The walls are completely covered from floor to ceiling with electronics, and when I’ve been in, there has always been about six men buzzing about speaking to one another in Chinese. As if techno-lingo wasn’t tricky enough! But, what I’ve learned is that it’s actually a pretty cool store and the people there are really helpful and kind. Today, while purchasing all the parts for my Raspberry Pi kits, I had a great conversation with the salesperson about my project, and I even introduced him to Sonic Pi, which he didn’t know about!

But still, like I said, I’ve had my moments. I mean seriously, how do I know whether I need the male to female adapter or the female to male adapter when I haven’t actually looked at the computer monitors myself yet?! Okay, so that was an easy-ish one to figure out once I got over the panic that the salesperson thought I needed the opposite of what I had asked for. I had it right the first time, but I second-guessed myself when the salesperson threw in another option. That’s where lists come in handy—know what you need! Plan ahead! Long story short, I survived and got what I needed without all that much trouble.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the world of technology can be scary and intimidating and panic-inducing, but it is also fascinating and rewarding, and incredibly cool. So, sure, I stumble and get frustrated every now and then, but I’ve discovered that taking on a challenge like this is more than just fun, it’s kind of empowering—who doesn’t want to be the girl who stuns the men in the electronic stores by knowing about something they don’t?!

Also, LOOK! My Raspberry Pi kits are coming together, and this is very, very exciting!

photo 3


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