Pi Steps Out

Today was a big day for my Pi project. While I’ve been pretty open about discussing the project informally and sharing it here online, today I actually had to present it to professionals and academics in a more formal, less bloggy, less frenetically excited way.

Step one was to create a research poster. Well, to be totally honest, step one was really the act of submitting a proposal for research day, but that was some time ago now, so I’ve mostly forgotten about it. So, I made the poster. It was a test of my design capabilities and quite honestly, I had no idea how it might look once it was printed. It turned out like this:

photo (4)


Next, there was the “Two Minute Madness” session. And seriously, it was really, truly MADNESS. If you can think of a way to succinctly and clearly explain a) what the Raspberry Pi is b) how it works and c) what my project is and why I am doing it in two minutes or less, you WIN AT LIFE. If I remember correctly, my talk went something like this: digital literacy, 21st century skills, public libraries, librarians without tech skills/time to develop tech skills, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi program for kids, teaching kids about computational thinking, pilot program (goals/objectives), sharing info with others, the END.

According to my oh-so supportive friends and professors, I did a good job of it but you should probably know that I neglected to point out that the Raspberry Pi is a computer. Face. Palm. Apparently it was implied? Oh well.

After the madness session was over and I had finished lamenting over the fact that I entirely ignored all the notes I had written on my lovely little cue card for my talk, there was the poster session. I ended up getting some great feedback on my project. My favourite comment was from a public librarian who was excited about promoting “non-traditional” literacies in a library setting. My other favourite, which came up several times was “I wish I was 9 years old again so I could come to your program!” No such luck grown-up peeps. This one’s for the real kiddies.

Well, that’s a wrap. Another cool Pi day, and there’s sure to be more to come!


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