Things with the letters P & I

Did you ever notice that Pi and iPad are kinda similar letter-wise? Astute observation, no?

Alas, if I was truly on top of things I would have posted about the Raspberry Pi on Pi Day (March 14), but let’s face it, the internet was spewing enough pie/pi puns out to keep you hungry for pie all day long while you reminisced over your childhood mathematical woes. Clearly I failed to be on top of the whole Pi day thing, so here I am, three days later trying to make up for it with a list of awesome Pi (& iPad) things.

So here you have it, a great and wonderful list (of hopefully interesting Pi/iPad things):

  1. We will start at the beginning with this article: What is the Pi Anyways?. This is my attempt to make up for all the people I have left in the confusing swirl of dust I leave behind after my oh-so frequent and random mentions of the Raspberry Pi because it has TAKEN OVER my life. Moving on.
  2. We will move on to my hero of the week: Lincoln. And no, it’s not the Lincoln you’re thinking of. Sorry. It’s three year old Lincoln who will impress the heck out of you with his Raspberry Pi skills in this video (note the Robots in Hollywood jam in the background):
  3. Oh, and Lincoln also made a snail cam with his Raspberry Pi. Seriously three-year old, stop making the rest of us look bad.
  4. Giant Raspberry Pi & Scratch magnets! This is what I do when I can’t handle paper-writing: crafts that sort of tie in with my school work and in turn make me feel accomplished and at least
  5. I’ve been playing with iPad apps for coding (another technique to avoid paper-writing?). Daisy the Dinosaur is still my favourite (mainly based on the fact that it constantly compliments me on my wicked coding skills and it is exploding with cute), but I’ve also been trying out Hopscotch and Tynker. They’re both designed quite similarly, and both use coding blocks just like Scratch. No news yet on which one I prefer– Tynker looks to be a bit snazzier graphics-wise, but I’ve read mixed reviews about its functionality. So…try them for yourself!
  6. Also in the world of iPad apps, I tried out Doceri for the first time today. FYI- It has absolutely nothing to do with coding. It’s a virtual whiteboard that you can use to create videos. Use those killer fine-motor/stylus skills on your iPad and then plunk it into iMovie to create a seriously cool video.

Okay, well, that’s a list. Do what you’d like with it. I’m off to find some real pie (maybe I’ll try out another iPad app while I eat it).


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